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You can fight back.

Issues with debt collectors and credit providers are almost as prevalent as “death and taxes.” These issues are so common because those corporations have no problems taking advantage of everyone. All regular people deal with these issues at some point in their lives regardless of how responsible they try to be and how hard they are working.

Fortunately there are many ways to fight back against corporate greed! The attorneys who comprise the network are committed to protecting the victims of this corporate greed. Our network of attorneys have committed their practice to obtaining the training and experience necessary to help clients across the country, including Arizona, California, D.C., Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Know your rights.

Most people and attorneys do not understand their rights as consumers. What you didn’t know about consumer protection law can come back to haunt you.

Far too many responsible and hard working people are falling prey to unscrupulous businesses. Fortunately there are laws in place designed to protect consumers from fraud and harassment. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act prevents telemarketers from calling your cell phone without permission. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act places restrictions on how often a debt collector can call and who they can call. It also requires creditors to properly notify consumers by mail with all information needed to resolve their debt.

Consumer rights first.

The results of consumer fraud and harassment can be financially devastating. Many victims find themselves thousands of dollars in debt from fraudulent collections. Other may have their personal information stolen from unauthorized credit reports.

Unfortunately, far too many people allow it to happen because they either feel powerless or do not know what to do. The Arizona, California, D.C., Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin Consumer Protections lawyers who are part of the Law Zebra (TM) Network* can help provide solutions to resolve your problems. As your legal advocate, we are prepared to stand by your side from your initial consultation and all the way through trial. We understand the frustration of unfair business practices and harassment. Our legal team of networked attorney has successfully represented many men and women in the same position. Contact Law Zebra today and we can connect you with a consumer protection attorney in your area!