Protecting you from Unethical Business Practices

Defending You From Harassment

Even though we have laws to protect consumers, it can feel like you don’t stand a chance in a battle for your rights against an unethical business. If a fraudulent debt collector sends you bills you don’t owe and plummets your credit score, what can you do? At LawZebra, we work with clients nationwide handling consumer rights violations. Our experienced Consumer Rights Attorneys are successfully winning courtroom battles against unethical businesses across the country. We want to walk you through the process of finding justice. Call today to start finding answers with a consumer protection attorney.

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Consumer Rights Laws

Often we don’t know what our rights as consumers are. To protect our credit score, we may pay bills we don’t owe without fighting for our rights as a consumer. However, there are laws  that protect you from debt collectors and other types of fraudulent or abusive business practices. These laws are meant to defend you from unethical business practices.

  • The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Because these Acts are fairly new and not widely known, not many attorneys know how to protect consumers using these regulations. The Federal Trade Commission is involved in enforcing these regulations against large businesses, creditors, banks, and mortgage lenders, but if you are just one person who needs help fighting unethical or abusive treatment, you need an attorney who understands what the law says about how a business can contact and treat consumers.

Common Consumer Rights Violations

Knowing when your rights are violated is key to fighting back. If a business engages in fraud or unethical behavior, our attorneys at Law Zebra are ready to help you understand which laws and regulations protect you. We can help.

Consumer Rights Violations Perpetrators:

Mortgage Lenders

Predatory loans are a problem for homebuyers, especially those who are desperate to buy or who have low credit scores. Some mortgage companies charge high interest rates, tack on exorbitant fees, and may even involve backroom deals with shady home inspectors, realtors, or home mortgage insurance businesses.

Car Dealerships

Often car dealerships will draw you in with a promise of quality and a clean car report but then sell you a piece of junk with a salvage title. You only find out when you register your vehicle and wonder what happened. These types of situations are not your fault. They are the product of unethical businesses that prey on consumers. It is possible to fight back and win.

Debt Collectors & Telemarketers

Any calls or texts to your cell phone by a telemarketer or collection agency without your consent violates the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). If you fight back with us at LawZebra against this kind of treatment, these abusive businesses can face fines ranging from $500 to $1,500.

If you are harassed by collection calls after asking them to cease contact or by a collection company telling your personal details to your employer or other family members, or if they are continuing to try to collect debt that you have informed them in writing that you do not owe, the debt collection agency is in violation of the law.

Debt collectors have been known to often send inflated or completely fake bills to consumers. However, your consumer rights include the right to dispute the debt. If a debt is not yours and you dispute within 30 days, the debt collection agency must provide verification of the debt owed.

You can also ask the debt collector to stop contacting you or to only contact you through your lawyer. By law, they must accept your demands to cease contact.


Access to your file is limited to people with a valid need – usually to consider an application with a creditor, insurer, employer, landlord, or other business. You must give your consent for reports to be provided to employers.

Unauthorized views of your credit report can often lead to errors that may affect your ability to make an important purchase, obtain a job, or get a specific interest rate. Don’t let this abuse of the law go unnoticed.

Student Loan Providers

Student loan providers often tack on fees and charge interest rates that will cause a decade of extra payments. It is common to see a consumer pay a loan for 10 years and still owe the entire amount of what the education actually cost! The first 10 years of the loan were only interest payments.

If you are concerned that you’ve been swindled by your student loan provider, give us a call to find the way out.

Medical Providers

Medical debt is not a personal failure and is much more common than you think. Millions of Americans struggle with medical debt, and the numbers are rising all the time.

Often, mistakes are made in a billing department or the hospital may take advantage of you by charging extra for procedures or medical codes that they understand but that you don’t. If you are weighed down by medical debt, you need an advocate who can go through your bills and negotiate the total.

Don’t let a hospital or medical provider charge you for services you did not receive.

Credit Reporting Errors

You have the right to dispute any inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, or unverifiable information. The information must be removed or corrected, usually within 30 days. You also have the right to place a security freeze on your credit accounts to prevent credit, loans, and services from being approved in your name without your consent. You have the right to place a 1 year fraud alert on your credit file.

If an error on a credit report is keeping you from living your best life, we can help you dispute and clear your name.


Don’t take the responsibility and financial hit for another’s wrongdoing. It is possible to seek damages from violators of these consumer rights protection laws in court and win.

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